“a stellar performance....lyrical and innovative. The romantic yet tender rhythm of the saxophone went beautifully with the rich notes of the Rajasthani musicians”

                                                      The Pioneer

“a tenor supreme...contemporary jazz with a latin infusion, a festival highlight

                                               The Indian Express

“When Brian Molley picks up his tenor saxophone, he hits the ground running with a full-throttle, muscular sound.”

                                Rochester City Newspaper, NY, USA

“Molley is a muscular player, while maintaing a lovely tone and sharp articulation....his tenor sax sang beautifully, sultry and lyrical”

                                   The Scotsman

“Molley is a nugget, producing beautiful improvisations and adding to the character of the group with his tone”

The Herald

”Molley's Tenor sound ranged from rich and creamy to plaintive and passionate”

Alan Joyce, Nottingham Evening Post

“Brian Molley’s improvising on tenor saxophone was consistently coherent and attractive”

Rob Adams, The Herald

“Brian Molley’s sax playing was out of this world,… flawless… the most technically accomplished playing I’ve heard”


“Sulzmann is a craftsman and his partnership with fellow tenorist Molley was complimentary – and indeed mutually complimentary”

Rob Adams, The Herald

“Classy, warm-toned playing”

Jim Gilchrist, The Scotsman

“Assured and inventive...his improvisations on both saxophones and clarinets have an admirable organic flow and logical coherance, and his rich sonority and precise articulation is always impressive”

Kenny Mathieson, The Scotsman